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writing ideas for your homework assignments.
Review instructions before starting and save yourself from making this common error.

5 Popular Homework Mistakes Students Do

Ask any instructor in the world and he or she will point to a long list of popular homework mistakes made by students each school year. Mistakes are common and often welcome fact of life that leads to improved homework skills, but still there are some types of mistakes students should simply not be making on a regular basis. We’ve put together this list of the five most popular assignment mistakes students do that you can easily fix before submitting your work:

Mistake #1: Not Reading Your Written Assignments Aloud

When you are given a writing assignment you should always take the time to read your work aloud. Do this after your first revision and again after your final draft. You will be surprised how many mistakes you can find by simply listening to what you have written. It doesn’t take much to do this activity to easily fix your work, which is the very reason it drives instructors crazy the most when they get a paper with mistakes that could have easily been avoided.

Mistake #2: Not Utilizing Your Word Processor to Find Errors

When it comes to written homework assignments it’s a surprise that more students don’t take advantage of all the tools that come standard in most word processing software programs. Spell checks, grammar checks, margin controls, automatic page numbering, footnotes and endnote tools – all of these can be automatically controlled by simply turning on a few features. So why then are there so many mistakes in these areas?

Mistake #3: Not Copying Mathematical Process Notes Accurately

Any student who has completed work that requires some type of math should know that there is always room to receive partial credit if accurate process notes are shown. This is great for someone who generally does well but may miss a small detail that eventually leads to the wrong answer, but in which case can demonstrate the proper steps needed to arrive at the correct answer with more attention to detail. Unfortunately, many students don’t show accurate process steps or are too messy, thus losing out on some easy points.

Mistake #4: Not Reviewing the Assignment Prompt Information

How many times have you completed your homework assignment only to find that that you did more than you had to or didn’t do what you actually have to? Read your assignment prompt to find out exactly what is being asked of you each night. It’s not uncommon for instructors giving you a math assignment, for instance, to require you to do only even numbered problems, or for instructors giving you a written assignment to ask you to write on a specific topic.

Finally, the last of the most popular mistakes made by students is simply not taking the time to organize and order assignments before submission. It may not seem like a big deal, but ask any instructor who has to review assignments for dozens of students each day and they will tell you that there is nothing more annoying than having to spend time piecing together messy work. Keep things in logical order, staple your work, and label everything. If you make your assignments easy to understand you won’t be penalized in this area.

The best way to minimize the chances of making these mistakes so often, focus on looking for each one with every assignment. Once you’ve learned to identify them look at other common mistakes you might be making and work towards fixing those problem areas. After a few weeks of act effort you should see your grades go up and your assignments become easier to complete.